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About this game

Classic Dice at BC.GAME: Overview

BC.GAME's Classic Dice is a popular and long-standing game in the online gambling industry. It is a dice game that utilizes blockchain technology for its fairness and transparency. The game is based on probability and involves calculating blockchain hash values and algorithms.

Here's how the game generally works:

1. Blockchain Technology: Blockchain is a decentralized and secure technology that ensures transparency and fairness in the game. The blockchain's hash values determine the game's outcomes, making it impossible for the platform to manipulate or tamper with the results.

2. Prediction and Rolling the Dice: Players predict a number within a specific range before rolling the dice. The range of numbers typically varies from game to game. After making their prediction, they initiate the roll.

3. Randomly Generated Number: When the player rolls the dice, the system generates a random number. This number is determined by the blockchain's hash value calculation and algorithm, ensuring a truly random outcome.

4. Probability of Winning: The player's probability of winning is determined by how close their predicted number is to the randomly generated number. Generally, the closer the prediction is to the actual outcome, the higher the probability of winning.

5. Winning and Payouts: If the player's prediction is accurate, they win the game and receive their payout based on the odds and the amount of their bet.

About Classic Dice at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME's Classic Dice, players can enjoy a game with a deficient 1% House Edge, ensuring a fair and competitive environment. The process of generating results is meticulously calculated to maintain transparency and provable fairness.

To determine the results, a series of steps are followed. First, the combination's hash value is calculated using HMAC_SHA256, which involves mixing the client seed and nonce with the server seed. This cryptographic process produces a 64-character hexadecimal string that is the basis for the random outcome: hash = HMAC_SHA256 (clientSeed: nonce, serverSeed).

From this hash, 8 characters are taken, and then they are converted into an int32 value. The conversion is crucial to ensure a number conforms to the dice range's constraints. This value is then divided by 0x100000000 and multiplied by 10001, and finally, divided by 100. This calculation ensures that the resulting number falls within the appropriate range for the dice game.

It is essential to note that for each new round, a new seed is set to verify the previous data, and the server seed is encrypted to maintain the integrity of the process and guarantee fairness.

BC.GAME takes pride in providing complete transparency and precision in their fair game of chance. These technical details might only be necessary for some players, but they are available for those who seek to understand the inner workings and ensure the game's fairness.

So, with everything laid out transparently, players can confidently place their bets and enjoy the excitement of Classic Dice, knowing that the odds are fair and luck is on their side. Best of luck to all players rolling the dice at BC.Game!

Classic Dice at BC.GAME: Features

Classic Dice at BC.GAME has several features designed to enhance the gaming experience and provide players with various options for gameplay and betting strategies. Let's take a closer look at the key features:

1. Green Area Winners: In Classic Dice, only roll outcomes that hit the green area are considered winners. The game likely has a specific range, and if the rolled number falls within the green area, the player wins the bet.

2. Prohibition on Using Personal Dice: Players cannot use their own dice in the game. The blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm determine the outcome, ensuring a fair and unbiased result.

3. Optional Script Usage: BC.GAME allows players to use scripts for auto-betting, which automates the betting process based on predefined rules. However, it's important to note that using scripts is optional, and players must take full responsibility for any associated risks. The platform will not be held liable for any consequences related to script usage.

Auto Mode Operation Instructions:

- ON WIN: Players can choose how the next bet amount will be determined when they win. It can either "Increase by _(your set)_," meaning the bet amount will increase by a specific value after each win, or "Reset to initial amount," indicating that the bet amount will go back to its starting value after a win.

- ON LOSE: When players lose a bet, they can decide how the next bet amount will be adjusted. It can either "Increase by _(your set)_," meaning the bet amount increases by a set value after each loss, or "Reset to the initial amount," signifying that the bet amount returns to its original value after a loss.

- STOP ON WIN: Players can set a target amount they want to reach from the start of the betting session. If the total amount won reaches or exceeds this target, the auto mode will stop, allowing players to secure their winnings.

- STOP ON LOSS: Players can set a limit for the total amount they are willing to lose during the betting session. If the total amount lost exceeds this limit, the auto mode will stop, preventing further losses.

These features give players flexibility in their betting strategies and allow them to customize their gameplay according to risk tolerance and goals. Whether players prefer a conservative approach to secure small, consistent wins or a more aggressive strategy with higher potential winnings, BC.GAME's Classic Dice accommodates different playstyles.

Classic Dice in BC.GAME: Final Verdict

Classic Dice at BC.GAME offers players a popular and well-established dice game with a low 1% House Edge, ensuring a fair and transparent gaming environment. The game's outcomes are determined using blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm, which adds an extra layer of provable fairness. Players are prohibited from using their own dice, and they can use scripts for auto-betting, although they assume full responsibility for any associated risks.

The game features an auto mode with customizable settings, allowing players to adjust their betting strategies based on wins and losses. Players can set targets for stopping the auto mode on both wins and losses, ensuring better control over their gambling sessions.

BC.GAME emphasizes transparency and precision in their provably fair game of chance, making it appealing to players who seek a trustworthy and fair gaming platform.

Ultimately, whether Classic Dice at BC.GAME is the right choice for you, depending on your preferences as a player. If you enjoy dice games and appreciate the transparency provided by blockchain technology, it could be a suitable option to explore. However, as with any gambling activity, it's essential to approach it responsibly and within your means. If you decide to play, remember to gamble responsibly and only risk what you can afford to lose.

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