Lucky Clover Lady

RTP (Trả lại người chơi)


Thiết kế Cuộn

6 x 5

Vòng Quay May Mắn

Kiểu thắng

Pay Anywhere

Thắng Lớn Nhất


Tỷ lệ trúng


Biến động


Phạm vi Đặt cược

$0.2 to $100

Giới thiệu trò chơi

Lucky Clover Lady (PG Soft): GAME Review & Theme

Lucky Clover Lady at BC.GAME showcases a realm that is unmistakably Irish in every essence. As you step into this enchanting domain, your eyes are immediately drawn to the rustic wooden reel layout reminiscent of traditional taverns found deep in the heart of Ireland. Beneath this reel, a cozy bar beckons, promising delightful company and mirthful chatter. Above the reels, a series of green lanterns cast a soft, emerald glow that beautifully illuminates the endless wall of clovers behind them.

While being immersed in the picturesque setting, the air shimmers with magical dust, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of wonder and possibilities. But what truly brings the entire experience to life is the irresistibly playful Irish soundtrack that fills the air. The lively tunes make your feet itch to dance, as every note perfectly captures the essence of a jubilant Irish jig. Accompanying this merry music are the distant sounds of crowd chatter and the occasional clink of glasses, echoing cheerful toasts.

About Lucky Clover Lady at BC.GAME

Lucky Clover Lady from PG Soft is a roller-coaster ride of emotions for players due to its high volatility, meaning that while it might take some time to hit those big wins when they come, they can be substantial.

The game distinguishes itself with its generous 6 x 5 reel layout, and the pay anywhere mechanic only adds to the thrill, allowing players to anticipate wins of up to a whopping 7,500x.

As for the Lucky Clover Lady's Return to Player (RTP), it's set at 96.77%, which is on the higher end when compared to many other titles in the iGaming industry, assuring players of consistent returns over an extended period of play. Furthermore, with a 32.79% hit rate, players can expect to see a win on roughly every fourth spin, providing frequent opportunities to celebrate even as they chase the larger payouts.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Lucky Clover Lady at BC.GAME boasts an extensive betting range to cater to a variety of players. Whether you're a novice dipping your toes into the world of slots or a seasoned player seeking higher stakes, the game allows for wagers ranging from a modest $0.2 to a substantial $100, ensuring every bettor finds their comfort zone.

Lucky Clover Lady's pay table begins with the low-paying card rank symbols: 10, J, Q, K, and A, with a payout value ranging from 0.05x for eight identical symbols to 40x for 30 or more. Further down the list are four medium-paying symbols: a pint of green beer, a pint of standard beer, an Irish bouzouki, and a harp, with a 125x, 250x, 500x, and 1,000x bet multiplier for 30 or more matches. And finally, the main character of the slot, Lucky Clover Lady, a pink-haired woman, is a high-paying symbol that gives you a 5,000x reward for 30 or more identical symbols.

Features of Lucky Clover Lady (PG Soft)

Lucky Clover Lady at BC.GAME lets you experience features like cascading reels and exploding symbols, changing the way you perceive casino game dynamics. Golden clover mystery symbols offer tantalizing possibilities, while level-up bonus symbols and multipliers heighten the thrill of every spin. The pot of gold scatters bring the promise of free spins, making every round a chance for more exhilarating gameplay. And if patience isn't your forte, the feature buy-in catapults you directly into the heart of excitement.

Cascading Reels and Exploding Symbols

When you land a matching set of eight or more symbols anywhere on the display, the cascading reels feature kicks in, which differs from many other games. While most games explode the winning symbols and let the rest of the icons descend to fill the gaps, allowing new ones to drop in from above, Lucky Clover Lady does the opposite. Here, the winning symbols remain and move to the bottom, while all non-winning symbols explode and vanish. This process continues whenever new winning combinations appear, giving you numerous opportunities to boost your winnings.

Sticky Mystery Symbols, Bonus Symbols, and Multipliers

The golden clover mystery symbols stick to the reels whenever they land on the screen, and after each spin concludes, they will unveil one of two symbols: the Level-up bonus symbol or the multiplier symbol.

Revealing the Level-up bonus symbol will upgrade all symbols on the reels to the subsequent higher-value symbol. For instance, the queen card rank symbol will evolve into a king, and a pint of standard beer will change into an Irish bouzouki. Conversely, the multiplier symbol amplifies all wins, ranging from 2x to 20x.

Scatters and Free Spins

The pot of gold acts as a scatter and can appear on all reels. Securing three on the reels initiates 15 free rounds, with every additional scatter offering two more free spins.

As the free rounds commence, three clover symbols will fill the top row. Moreover, achieving three or more scatters during this phase will grant another 15 or more free spins.

Feature Buy-in

By spending a 75x fee, players can immediately dive into the free spins round without waiting by using the feature buy-in option. It ensures a minimum of three scatters on the very next spin, initiating at least 15 free spins. The feature buy-in option offers gamers an opportunity to bypass the regular spins and delve directly into the most coveted part of the slot.


Lucky Clover Lady at BC.GAME takes players on a captivating journey through the heart of the Irish countryside, where every feature adds a touch of charm to each spin. With cascading reels depicting vibrant tales and multipliers showering opportunities, the gameplay exudes an aura of enchantment. PG Soft has skillfully assembled these elements, ensuring not only significant rewards but also a remarkable casino experience.

You cannot go wrong with this meticulously crafted game, where each feature and every aspect of the artwork has been designed with precision to offer players an optimal blend of excitement and opportunity, creating a gameplay experience that's both engaging and gratifying.

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